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It really is a life saving effort

“All of this is quite straightforward but we are recording it and showing a reduction and showing responsibility. We are trialling an app where any administration of antibiotics is recorded and immediately zapped to a computer so everybody knows. We are developing a system with the free range growing pigs where any animals treated with […]

I save a final ranking for another time

Ramen Halu has an understated surfing theme, owing to owner Kumao Arai’s other passion besides ramen. The low key vibe helps when the place gets busy. And it does Canada Goose Outlet Toronto, because the word is out. It human nature. Sharing is nice in concept. In practice it a pain in the neck. cheap […]

DYI baby shower favors are also hip this season

Monroe walked onto the stage and sang “Happy Birthday,” turning the normally innocuous song into a something out of a burlesque show. Wearing a skintight, flesh colored, rhinestone studded dress, America’s most popular sex symbol sang “Happy Birthday” with a breathy, sultry delivery, concluding, “Happy birthday, Mr. President, happy birthday to you.”. Replica Hermes […]